2nd Annual Meeting

The SUSTAIN 2nd Annual Meeting took place in Trondheim on 25-26 January 2017.

Thanks everyone for a great meeting!

You can find info on reimbursements here.

How to get there

There are two airport bus services from Trondheim airport (Værnes): Flybussen and Værnes-ekspressen. We advise you to take the Værnes-ekspressen, which is the grey bus standing on the left side when leaving the airport (the other bus is on the right). This will take you directly to Scandic Lerkendal, and the trip is about 45-50 min. A return ticket will cost you 210 NOK (one-way 120 NOK).

You can also take a taxi from and to the airport. If necessary, we can organize a maxi-taxi for those having to catch a plane on Thursday afternoon.



Wednesday 25 January 2016 (Day 1)

1000-1030 Introduction: Nils Chr. Stenseth, Bernt-Erik Sæther and Rolf A. Ims

1030-1115 Case study 1 – Semi-domesticated reindeer:

1030-1045 Audun Stien: “Introduction to the reindeer case study. Where are we and where do we go”

1045-1100 Jarad Mellard: "Combined effects of predation and scavenging in a food web model of the semi-domesticated reindeer"

1100-1115 Discussion

1115-1225 Case study 2 – Svalbard terrestrial:

1115-1125 Åshild Ønvik Pedersen & Eva Fuglei: "RECAP - Svalbard case"

1125-1140 Brage Bremset Hansen: "Svalbard reindeer population dynamics: interactions between climate, harvest, density and age structure"

1140-1155 Bart Peeters: “Hunting Svalbard reindeer: does outtake match management aims? – and some population genetics”

1155-1210 Chloé R. Nater: “Integrating data sources for Arctic Fox demography”

1210-1225 Discussion

1225-1310 Case study 3 –Willow and rock ptarmingan:

1225-1240 John-André Henden: "Status and progress with the Finnmark data"

1240-1255 Edwige Bellier: "Ptarmingan case study: a dynamic model for species interactions"

1255-1310 Discussion

1310-1400 Lunch

1400-1530 Case study 6 – Mjøsa:

1400-1415 Jannicke Moe: "Introduction to the freshwater case study"

1415-1430 Atle Rustadbakken: "Observed changes in growth patterns of the Hunder Trout"

1430-1445 Chloé Nater: "Brown Trout Vital Rates - Biphasic growth, complex mark-recapture models and educated guesses”

1445-1500 Marlene Stubberud: "Two-sex IPMs and harvesting - Fish model”

1500-1515 Discussion

1515-1545 Coffee & Tea

1545-1630 Case study 4 – Climate related invasive species:

1545-1600 Edwige Bellier: "Analysis of the demography of an invasive species"

1600-1615 Filippo Marolla: "Linking geese demography and red fox dynamics"

1615-1630 Discussion

1630-1715 Case study 5 – Moose and boreal forest system:

1630-1645 Ivar Herfindal: "Spatial and temporal patterns of climatic variation across ecosystems"

1645-1700 Ivar Herfindal: "Spatial structure of moose and domestic reindeer in relation to spatial variation in climate"

1700-1715 Discussion

1800-     Dinner


Thursday 26 January 2016 (Day 2)

0900-1115 Case study 7 – Barents Sea:

0900-0915 Joël Durant: “Case Study 7: Barents Sea System”

0915-0930 Øystein Langangen / Joël Durant: “Pattern of migration: climate or demography”

0930-0945 Arne Melsom: "Variability in drift patterns of fish eggs"

0945-1000 Leana Deris: "The state-space population dynamics model of Norwegian Spring Spawning (NSS) herring (Clupea harengus)"

1000-1015 Joël Durant: “Effect of juvenile distribution and environment on the Northeast Arctic haddock”

1015-1030 Edwige Bellier: "Age-dependent interactions of two related species"

1030-1045 Sondre Aanes: “Spatial scaling for fish species in the Barents Sea”

1045-1100 Javi Jarillo: "Population synchrony scales in predator-prey systems"

1100-1115 Discussion

1115-1130 Coffee & Tea

1130-1300 WP leaders’ summaries

1130-1145 Øystein Langangen / Joël Durant: WP1 - Demographic structure in harvested ecosystems

1145-1200 Aline M. Lee: WP2

1200-1215 Joël M. Durant: WP 3 - Ecosystem resilience and climate change in a spatially structured and seasonal environment

1215-1230 Ivar Herfindal: WP 4

1230-1245 John-André Henden: WP 5

1245-1300 Sandra Hamel / Nigel Yocozz / Rolf A. Ims: WP 6

1300-1400 Lunch

1400-1445 International collaborators’ perspective

1445-1600 Early Career Stage “only” meeting (PhDs and postdocs)

1445-1530 WP leaders meeting

1530-1600 Administration meeting (WP leaders and PIs)

1600-1730 Mentoring sessions in parallel

            Nils: Edwige, Aline, Ivar

            Bernt-Erik: Øystein, Joël, John-André, Jarad

            Rolf: Brage, Luis

1445-1730 Mingling with Coffee & Tea available throughout the afternoon for people not included in formal meetings

1730-1800 Closing session (Early Career Researcher feedback, status of various projects, future plans, next year’s meeting, etc.)

1800-     Dinner

Confirmed attendees

Aline Lee
Arne Melsom
Atle Rustadbakken
Audun Stien
Bart Peeters
Bernt-Erik Sæther
Brage Bremset Hansen
Brita Slettemark
Chloé Nater
Christian Damgaard
David Murrell
Edwige Bellier
Erik Lund
Erling J. Solberg
Eva Fuglei
Filippo Marolla
Ingar Jostein Øien
Ivar Baste
Ivar Herfindal
Jannicke Moe
Jarad Mellard
Javier Jarillo Díaz
Joël Durant
John Fryxell
John Fryxell
John-A Henden
Jonatan Fredricson
Jovna Vars Smuk
Leana Deris
Luis Cadahía-Lorenzo
Marlene Wæge Stubberud
Nigel Gilles Yoccoz
Nils Chr. Stenseth
Rolf A. Ims
Sondre Aanes
Steinar engen
Steve Redpath
Tomas Aarvak
Vemund Jaren
Yngvild Vindenes
Øystein Langangen
Øystein Overrein
Åshild Ønvik Pedersen


The stay at the hotel and flights will be paid directly by us.  For other expenses please complete the expense refund form and the account information for payments abroad form (if necessary) and send the forms and all original receipts along with boarding cards to the address below:

att: Jenny Tokstad
Dept. of Biosciences
University of Oslo
P.O. Box 1066 Blindern
No-0316 Oslo


If you have any problem, please contact Jenny Tokstad.

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