3rd Annual Meeting

The SUSTAIN 3d Annual Meeting took place in Tromsø on 29-31 January 2018.

Thanks everyone for a great meeting!

You can find info on reimbursements here.

How to get there

From the airport, the hotel can easily be reached either by:

- It will cost you about 150-200 kr depending on the time of your arrival

FLYBUSSEN – Airport express bus:
- It will cost 72 kr (104 incl. return) (https://www.flybussen.no/billett/#/reise/til/tromsø-flyplass/tos)
- The bus is easily seen right outside of the terminal and that takes you in town close to the hotel

- Take the 42 direction "SENTRUM"
- The bus stop is on “flyplassvegen”, directly on the street below the first parking lot that is in front of the terminal (about 100-150 meters down from the terminal towards the fjord)
- The buses can be expensive if you don't have a ticket before hand (50 kr), but you can download the app to buy your ticket directly and it will be 35 kr (http://www.tromskortet.no/?lang=en_GB)

Feel free to reach the following organisers if needed.

Filippo     +47 91 17 39 62

Jarad      +47 92 26 24 50

Nigel       +47 91 61 61 94

Sandra    +47 48 27 88 44



Monday 29 January 2018 (Day 1)

1200-1245 Arrival and lunch

1245-1300 Welcome: Nils Chr. Stenseth, Bernt-Erik Sæther and Rolf A. Ims

1300 Opening of the Science-to-Science session

1300-1500 Theme 1 - chaired by Øystein Langangen:

Effects of environmental change, harvesting, and their interactions on "Dynamics of structured populations"

1500-1520 Coffee / tea / snacks break

1520-1545 Georgina Mace (15+10 min)

"Towards a resilient ecological network: a case study from national plans in England"

1545-1630 John Fryxell (30+15 min)

"How supply and demand drive critical transition to dysfunctional fisheries"

1630-1645 Coffee / tea / snacks break

1645-1845 Theme 2 - chaired by John André Henden / Aline Lee:

Effects of environmental change, harvesting, and their interactions on "Species interactions within and between trophic levels"

1930 Dinner at Arctandria - Meet in the lobby from 19h for a drink


Tuesday 30 January 2018 (Day 2)

0800-1000 Theme 3 - chaired by Joël Durant / Ivar Herfindal:

Effects of environmental change, harvesting, and their interactions on "Spatial patterns and dynamics of species and their environment"

1000-1020 Coffee / tea / snacks break

1020-1050 Christian Damgaard (20+10 min)

Spatio-temporal structural equation modeling in a hierarchical Bayesian framework: wet heathlands

1050-1145 SUSTAIN book (Nils Chr. Stenseth)

1145-1230 Lunch

1230-1400 General discussion - chaired by Nigel Yoccoz:

What have we not answered yet, and what has been done to answer the general aim of SUSTAIN

1400-1415 Conclusion of the Science-to-Science session (Nils Chr Stenseth)

1415-1430 Coffee / tea / snacks break

1430-1440 Opening of the Science-to-Policy session (Sandra Hamel)

1440-1540 John Linnell (45+15 min)

"Teeth, claws, laws, hearts and minds: what is shaping the future for large mammals and their ecosystems in Europe?"

1540-1630 Presentation of the strategic foresight achieved/planed for the three cases not discussed in a specific workshop

    •    Svalbard reindeer (Torkild Tveraa, 10 min)

    •    Mjøsa (Øystein Langangen, 10 min)

    •    Moose and boreal forest (Ivar Herfindal, 30 min)

1630-1645 Coffee / tea / snacks break

1645-1845 Workshop 1 – Ptarmigan case (chair: John André Henden)

1900 Dinner at Fiskekompaniet


Wednesday 31 January 2018 (Day 3)

0800-1000 Workshop 2 – Barents Sea case (chair: Joël Durant)

1000-1015 Coffee / tea / snacks break

1015-1215 Workshop 3 – Svalbard case (chair: Eva Fuglei)

1215-1300 Lunch

1300-1445 Workshop 4 – Invasive species case (chair: Rolf Ims)

1445-1500 Conclusion of the Science-to-Policy session (Rolf A. Ims)


* See detailed program sent around by email.


Confirmed attendees (so far)

Aline Magdalena Lee
Audun Stien
Bernt-Erik Sæther
Bjarte Benberg
Brage Bremset Hansen
Brita Slettemark
Chloé Nater
Christian Damgaard
Christina Bjørkli
David Murrell
Edwige Bellier
Einar J. Asbjørnsen
Erik Lund
Erle Frantzen
Espen Fjeldstad
Eva Fuglei
Filippo Marolla
Francisco Javier Cao García
Georgina Mace
Ingar Jostein øien
Ivar Herfindal
Jannicke Moe
Jarad Mellard
Javier Jarillo Díaz
Joël Durant
John Fryxell
John-André Henden
Jonatan Fredricson
Leana Deris
Luis Cadahía-Lorenzo
Marlene Wæge Stubberud
Nils Christian Stenseth
Rolf A. Ims
Sandra Hamel
Sondre Aanes
Steinar Engen
Tomas Aarvak
Torkild Tveraa
Vemund Jaren
Øystein Langangen
Øystein Overrein
Åshild Ønvik Pedersen



The stay at the hotel and flights will be paid directly by us. For other expenses please complete the expense refund form and the account information for payments abroad form (if necessary) and:

- if you have access to the HR-portalen, scan your receipts and boarding cards and send everything electronically through the portal;

- otherwise, send the forms and all original receipts along with boarding cards to the address below:

Gudrun Moen
Avdeling for regnskap
University of Oslo
P.O. Box 1032 Blindern
No-0315 Oslo

If you have any problem, please contact Gudrun Moen (+47 22 85 44 10)


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