Meeting with Steve Redpath

Meeting in Tromsø with Steve Redpath, from the University of Aberdeen (UK), one of our international partners and member of the SAB

Monday 9th May

Nils Chr. Stenseth – UiO

Presentation of the SUSTAIN project

Steve Redpath – University of Aberdeen

“Conservation conflicts – understanding the problem and searching for solutions”

Sandra Hamel – UiT

Presentation of strategic foresight and what we have accomplished until now


Tuesday 10th May 09:00-11:45

Case 1: Semi-domesticated reindeer

Presented by Audun Stien and Torkild Tveraa, NINA

Case 6: The Mjøsa – Gudbrandsdalslågen system

Presented in video conference by Jannicke Moe, NIVA

Case 4: Invasive species

Presented by Rolf Ims, UiT


Wednesday 11th May 09:00-11:00

Case 5: Moose and boreal forest

Presented in video conference by Ivar Herfindal, NTNU and Erling Solberg, NINA

Case 3: Rock and willow ptarmigan

Presented by John-Andre Henden, UiT

Case 2: Svalbard terrestrial

Presented by Åshild Pedersen, NP


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